A Seed of Hope

seed-of-hope-book-smA Seed of Hope is the honest unraveling of a girl’s heart as she seeks to Reconcile a motherless world with a heavenly father. Readers will be invited into the spiritual journey of an adolescent whose grief leads her into motherhood, followed by marriage, and finally, a post-doctorate degree. And this grief, it takes her straight into the arms of her Mama’s God — a God whom she discovers has been there, all along; a God who in fact, good; a God who, in spite of life’s tragedies, has never stopped loving her. Through hindsight she discovers God’s providential care over her life and how God was using her pain to prepare her for her purpose.

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There is something about A Seed of Hope that grabs one at the heart. I think all of us as human beings can associate with the loss of a loved one at some stage in our lives, and how it affected our world from there onwards. Not only does the book focus on loss, but it focuses on hope, something every human being searches for some time or another. Insightful and interesting to read.

Berdine M. Styne

“A Seed of Hope For a Journey Through Grief” is a riveting, heartfelt story that will resonant immediately with anyone that has experienced the loss of a loved one. We walk with Lynn on her extraordinary quest from an adolescent girl questioning her Mommas God until she becomes a grandmother and finds acceptance. All the while holding a tenacious grip on her faith and the unconditional love of family. Rich with real-life and wisdom, this is a poignant story of strength, faith, and divine timing, as Lynn’s Momma’s God becomes her own.

Charlotte Bowling Roth

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