Soulful Life Coaching

We help our clients transform their lives from the inside out
to create sustainable results and lasting change.

Experience the Soul Purpose Coaching Model

We help you stretch and grow and achieve more than you ever thought was possible on your path to BECOMING who God Called YOU to be. Our coaching process is grounded in 25 years of research and professional experience and incorporates 4 Core Elements to help you discover:

  1. Who You Really Are (Your Design)
  2. Your Calling (Internal & Eternal Purpose)
  3. Your Passion (The Heart of Your Calling)
  4. Your Preparation (How your life experiences prepared you for your purpose)

= Your SOUL Purpose (External Mission)

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Soulful Life Coaching ™

Our research-based coaching process helps you discover your Soul Purpose and rearrange your life and work around it. We guide you through a structured life review process which brings segments of your life together to make a whole picture that helps you understand the SOUL Purpose your life experience has prepared you for.

Once you understand your SOUL PURPOSE we will guide you through a 7 Step Process to help you remove obstacles and blocks on your path and provide you with tools to align your life and work around your SOUL Purpose.

Second Journey Coaching Program ™

The Second Journey™ Transition Coaching Program is designed especially for women who are experiencing a major life transition:

  • Unfulfilled in your current life or work
  • Retired or retiring soon
  • Separated, divorced, or just ending a relationship
  • Death of loved one
  • Empty nest
  • Career change
  • Mid life transition
  • Feeling lost or stuck or not sure what’s next for you

We can help you reimagine, redefine and redesign your next chapter in life.

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Become You Coaching Program ™

  • Are you unfulfilled in your current life or work?
  • Perhaps you are feeling lost or stuck in life?
  • Not sure what your purpose is?
  • Is your soul calling you to be more and do more?

The BECOME YOU Transformation Coaching Program ™ is designed to help you discover who you really are and why you are here? Let us help you live your life by design rather than by default. Our Soul Purpose Coaching is designed just for you.

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