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We are on a mission to INSPIRE and EMPOWER women to to walk in their soul purpose and share their light and gifts to transform the world.

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Soulful Life Design is dedicated to helping you create the amazing life you dream of – and fully deserve. A life where you’re living your soul purpose and experiencing joy, peace, love and well being in all aspects of your life.

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I have been most affected by Dr. Smith’s sense of purpose in this work. She has a spiritual direction that is unusual for someone in academics. It’s been refreshing to work with an individual who receives constant nourishment through a spiritual connection and is driven through a sense of higher calling because this, too, feeds my own soul.

Rebecca Powell, Ed.D.

Our Founder

Dr. Lynn Turner Smith, Ph.D., MSW, CLC

After loosing her mother to lung cancer at the age of 14, searching for her purpose became the central motive of her life. It took many years, experiences and trials for Dr. Lynn to discover who she really is and why she is here. She is now living out her Soul Purpose and is passionate about helping you discover yours.

Dr. Lynn’s unique life, educational and professional experiences provide the perfect blend of expertise for her coaching practice. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Social Work from the University of Kentucky. She possesses over 30 years of combined professional experience as a social worker, counselor, educational psychologist, consultant, researcher, educational administrator and consultant. She earned her professional certification as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach from the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California. Dr. Lynn is a 20 year business owner and newly published author. She opened Soulful Life Design Coaching & Retreats in 2012 in response to the calling God placed on her life. Her Soul Purpose Life Plan coaching model is grounded in 30 years of professional work with clients.

Dr. Lynn resides in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband of 37 years, Michael (a licensed minister), their two daughters, Penny and April (Atlanta, GA), and granddaughters, Candace and Maya. She loves, loves, reading, writing, spending time with God, family and friends and relaxing at her happy place– the ocean. She is active in her church and attributes God and her faith as the foundations of her life and work.

My vision for Soulful Life Design is build of tribe of women who are walking in their purpose and sharing their gifts to transform the world.

~ Dr. Lynn


Soul Purpose Coach in Residence

Devonia Love-Vaughn, MSW, CSW

Devonia has over 16 years of professional experience as a social worker, therapist, counselor, advisor and adjunct lecturer in Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia, Washington and California. She earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Social Work from the University of Kentucky. She is currently working toward a professional certification as a Certified Life Coach under the direction of Dr. Lynn Smith.

Devonia is known for her professionalism, strong assessment skills; strength-focused approached and engaging style. She possesses leadership skills that inspire and motivate those around her. Her diverse and broad-based background has sharpened her analytical skills.  As a strong interpersonal communicator, she consistently builds positive rapport with her clients and colleagues. Devonia has been married to LaMonte for 16 ½ years, they have one daughter, Brianna. She attributes her successes in life to her family, supportive friends and most importantly to her faith and belief that God orders her steps.

My goal is simple; I invite people into the heart of transformation by creating a connection through their passion, their purpose, and their unlimited potential.

~ Devonia


Soul Purpose Coach in Residence

Natasha L. Murray, MS & Ph.D. Candidate

Natasha received her Master’s of Science degree in Higher Education from the University of Kentucky where she is now a Ph.D. candidate. Her research interest includes using advanced statistical methods to examine school effects for disadvantage youth. Some of her research focused on Equity in Pubic Schools has been presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference. 

Natasha has over 10 years of experience in public service. During her time as an educational consultant conducting audits on low performing schools, she became the Vice President of the National Council on Educating Black Children (NCEBC), which took her advocacy to a new level. During her tenure on the council she facilitated the grand opening of two August F. Hawkins literacy centers in the commonwealth’s largest and most diverse school districts located in Fayette County and Jefferson County. Outside of her work and advocating for others she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She lives in Lexington Kentucky with her husband Marqus and two sons Myles and Malcolm.

I am passionate about helping young women find their passion and purpose and using their gifts in the world.

~ Natasha


Retreat Coordinator

Nancy Blackford

Nancy is a wife and mother of a son and daughter. She is a retired bookkeeper. She loves adventure, traveling, and enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Her passion for life and people is contagious.

Nancy enjoys studying the bible and leads women’s bible study groups. Her passion is planning and facilitating retreats for women to help them connect with their purpose. Nancy lives in Versailles, Kentucky with her husband, Larry.

Hope is the foundation of our faith. I get joy from encouraging women and helping them to realize there is hope

~ Nancy

Beverly Henderson

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